Meeting the right woman is not that very simple while dating and keeping her may be even more difficult. The human race is diverse and people have different cultures that result to different expectations. When it comes to relationship, such cultural differences are bound to show up in how we expect our partner to behave. That’s why when you intend to meet Russian women, there are a couple of things you should be aware of before you do so.

By now, you have probably had your fill of western girls who are so feminists you would think they are competing with you. In case you are used to having a girl out and having them pay for their meals, you may need to have a rethink when it comes to Russian girls. These are traditional women who think that the man should be the man in all aspects of the word. As such, if you are to meet Russian women for a night out or diner, be aware that you will be footing the bills. If you are trying to impress this girl, this is an important point to take note.

There are little things that you may have to do that will increase the possibility of a Russian girl falling for you. These girls like to feel like the woman that they are and love to be treated as a queen. A man who gladly opens the door for his girl would score really high with Russian girls. When you meet Russian women, always try to give her all your attention. Just like other women from other countries, Russian girls love receiving flowers from their dates. However, it is a tradition in Russia that you can only give odd number of flowers. Another thing to know is that she may expect you to take off your shoes before you climb on the carpet in her house.

one more aspect that will help you score more points with a Russian girl is an interest in things Russian. It may be advisable to learn a few words in Russia and try to speak it out to her. You don’t have to worry about the accent as the fact that you even bothered to learn a few words is enough to heighten her likeness for her. It proves to her that you have a lot of respect for her and everything that she represents. It will also boost her confidence to know that you are not just interested in having a fling and disappearing over night.

While there are bound to be differences between you and the Russian girl you are admiring, all efforts should be made to keep the relationship going. Instead of focusing on your differences, it is better to focus on what the two of you have in common. In this way you’ll be able to go past cultural barriers. This knowledge of what to expect when you meet Russian women will be very useful when it finally happens.

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